The office was easy to find. Parking was adequate. The interior of the office was nice, clean, and decorated well. I was admitted easily and taken back to my appointment quickly. The doctor took her time with the examination and the tests. She took her time, making sure that I understood the results of the tests. She made sure to go over my options and what I could hope to get from ordering the hearing aids. She made sure to explain the features of the hearing aids, and worked with me to get me scheduled for the next appointment and fitting. I would suggest this office to others if they were looking for a competent audiologist.
Lance Gilliland, on Google
Very nice and friendly atmosphere. The receptionist was very pleasant on the phone and in person, she was courteous and gave good directions to the office. The audiologist was very informative with questions I had, she listened closely to my issues and explained very clearly what was best for my situation. The experience was very pleasant. I highly recommend their services.
Covella Birt, on Google
I was pleasantly surprised at how short a time it took to get my hearing tests done. The last time I was checked for hearing loss it took at least an hour but I was done in 30 minutes or less in this clinic. I should have my hearing aids in 2-4 weeks. I know my family will be glad when they stop hearing, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you said “. Just an all around good experience.
Willena Isbell, on Google
I have been using Pattillo for over a year now for my hearing loss condition. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure satisfaction with service great customer service.
Marlan Engle, on Google
Saw sign driving by. Stopped being a B'ham fan of Pattillo. Always fast, friendly, professional, and knows how to help for future needs. I never feel alone with Pattillo. Thanks for your service.
Candy Hill, on Google

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